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Do you love Santol? So do we! We love it so much that we turned it into one of our bottled goodies and one of our finest products – our Sinantolan! Not only it is delicious but it also has surprising health benefits which can help the body in many ways! Interested in knowing more? Read more below.

What is Santol? Santol or cotton fruit (Scientific name: Sandoricum koetjape) is a tropical fruit commonly grown in Southeast Asia. It is believed that it came from the former Indochina and Malaya, and later on introduced to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines where it has become naturalized. It’s common in these regions and are abundant in the local markets.

Benefits of Eating Santol. Here are some surprising health benefits when you consume Santol.

  • Santol is rich in Vitamin C
    – it promotes proper cell metabolism and strengthens and protects the immune system against cardiovascular diseases.
  • Eating santol keeps one energized
    – the fiber found in Santol can keep one feel fed so you don’t necessarily have to eat more food.
  • Santol is good for diabetes
    – it has low glycemic index which can slow down digestion, which in turn can regulate or prevents blood sugar levels to increase.
  • Santol is great for allergies
    – this fruit is rich in byronic acid and sanatorium acid which helps in preventing and treating allergies
  • Santol fruit contains astringent quality
    – it is an essential ingredient in beauty products. Astringent can help keep the skin firm and young looking.

These are just some of the many health benefits of eating Santol. Thank you for reading this far. Since you’re now aware of the benefits of eating Santol, why not try our Sinantolan? It’s Halal certified, no meat, and no preservatives. Just pure bottled goodness! Order now!

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